Naoko’s Problems

I tend to forget how to wear kimono if I don’t wear it regularly. Especially the obi is difficult. It needs physical strength and flexibility to tie obi. It takes time before and after kimono wearing. Kimono need much more space to store them and care for them than regular clothes. I don’t wear silk kimono because I don’t have places and opportunities to go out in kimono. And I am afraid of the cleaning cost for a silk kimono if I get a stain on it. Isometimes buy second-hand kimono but it is difficult to find the size that fits me, as I am over 160cm. Almost all of them are too small for me in the second-hand kimono shops. I have no idea what I should do on a rainy day especially about my footwear like tabi and zori. My parents made me a rain coat for kimono but I have never used it.





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