Chikage’s Problems

My problem is storage. I love regular western clothes and I have a lot them too, but my storage has limits. I can’t stop buying kimono so I try to keep the amount the same by giving them to my friends. Antique kimono are easily damaged, so I ask how to care for them, to…

Kumiko’s Problems

I think I could have gotten into wearing kimono in my 30s and 40s, but in reality I had to look after my mother. In my work now I have to carry trays up and down very steep stairs. It wouldn’t be safe to wear kimono, and they would get dirty. In addition, my clientele…

Tsumugi’s Problems

If you have to carry a kimono set out when you go somewhere, it is really heavy. It is much heavier than carrying a dress. If you get a lot of kimono, they also take up storage space. But still I like wearing it anyway. I feel that it stretches my spine. 着物セットが重いです。ドレスよりもずっと重くて、これを持って移動するのはとても大変です。着物が増えてくると収納場所もとります。でも好きですから着ています。着物を着ると背筋が伸びる感じがします。

Risa’s Problems

I don’t think I have any trouble in my kimono life. It takes time to put it on and after I take it off, but it is natural. I would be happy if I could get dressed quicker, but I enjoy even it now. 困っていることは特にありません。着物は着るのも片づけるのも確かに時間がかかりますが、そういうものだと思っています。もう少し早く着られるようになれば良いなと思いますが、今はそれはそれで楽しんでいます。

Naoko’s Problems

I tend to forget how to wear kimono if I don’t wear it regularly. Especially the obi is difficult. It needs physical strength and flexibility to tie obi. It takes time before and after kimono wearing. Kimono need much more space to store them and care for them than regular clothes. I don’t wear silk…

Mika’s Problems

I am worried about storage. My place doesn’t have enough space, so my kimono are stored at my parents’ place and some are at my grandmother’s, too. They live in the same building but in different apartments. Another issue I have is size. I want to wear the right size kimono, so I usually wear…

Tomomi’s Problems

I think there are lots of problems with kimono life. I tried living and working in kimono, but it wasn’t convenient. I think when it was all tatami mats and sliding doors, it was easier. Its difficult doing vacuuming and wearing a kappogi. My sleeves were always being caught on door handles. In the end…

Tamaki’s Problems

I think the preparation for wearing kimono and then putting them all away is a little troublesome. I also worry about getting stains on them, because they are not easy to wash. That is perhaps why I have made so many cotton ones now. Cotton is easy to look after. 着物を着る前にいろいろ準備したり、着た後に後始末したりすることが少し面倒に感じます。また、手入れが大変になるのでシミを付けないよう気をつけています。木綿着物をたくさん縫ったのはお手入れが楽だからというのもあります。

Nodoka’s Problems

I don’t have enough storage space and I worry about it, as I keep on getting more kimono. I don’t have a kimono chest, so I keep my kimono in plastic storage cases, but I do worry about mould, especially as I am on the first floor. I haven’t had any disasters yet, but it’s…

Yukiko’s Problems

I feel troubled by how to store my kimono. They take a lot of space, even though I do often wear them. And my kimono are still increasing in number now. Many people try to give them to me. I have no idea what I can do with them. 収納に困っています。普段着るものではないのに場所を取ってしまっています。また着物を譲ってくださる方が多く、数が増えてしまって、どうしようかと考えています。

Hitomi – Problems

I have no problems concerning my kimono life. I am enjoying it 100%. I recycle kimono I cannot wear anymore, or I repurpose them as clothing, mats, bags, pencil cases or other interior goods. Nothing goes to waste in my house. I try not to keep wool around me, as wool kimono attract moths to…

Minako – Problems

MINAKO’S PROBLEMS  困っていること I take about an hour to complete putting on Nagoya-obi in otaiko style. I want to make it shorter, much less than one hour. To do that, I need to wear kimono more often and get to used to it. 名古屋帯でお太鼓をしめると1時間くらいかかります。もう少し短い時間、できれば1時間を切るくらいで着られるようになりたいです。着物をたくさん着ることで慣れていって時間を短くしたいと思っています。