Mika – Problems

I’m not really very good at sewing on collars, and I also don’t like clearing up after I have worn a kimono. I sweat a lot, particularly under the obi, so I have to hang my kimono up to air and occasionally send them to be dry cleaned. Also, space is a big problem. I have three chests now. One from my aunt and one from my mother. Soon I will inherit all my aunt’s kimono because her arms are growing stiff and she can’t tie her obi any more. Also, I can’t wear kimono at work because I meet clients from other companies, so I can only wear kimono on weekends. I have too many kimono, but I cannot throw away the kimono from my family. I have so many that sometimes I stuff them in the wrong drawer and then I can’t find them.
I bought one kimono from a large kimono chain and the store clerk was very knowledgeable and nice. But then they invited me to their special events, and I cannot buy kimono at those events and feel good about it. Either they think I will buy something and they stick close to me and give me advice about everything and push obi and other things on me, or they think I will not buy anything and they herd me towards the door as quickly as possible, so that I can’t enjoy looking at the kimono. I end up with bad memories about the shopping experience.


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