Mika – Influences

I was not influenced by my mother really, because she was not alive when I began to wear kimono, so a greater influence on me was my aunt. I also used to look at the magazine, Utsukushii Kimono. Then I met the Nishiwakis, the couple who run Kimono Biyori, an organization that puts on kimono fashion shows, and they were also a big influence on me. I began to buy woven kimono and cheap used kimono in a large second-hand shop in Shimoda (Shizuoka), where Kimono Biyori does an annual fashion show. I also started to buy Nanaoh magazine, which shows mainly casual kimono. However, I could never throw these magazines away, and I ran out of space, so now I just read them in the book shop.

着物を着始めた時には母は亡くなっていたので、おばの影響が大きかったです。昔は雑誌の「美しいきもの」を買っていましたが、Kimono Biyoriというファッションショーを計画するグループにで出会った後は、彼らの影響力が大きいです。織りの着物や、安いリサイクルの着物をファッションショーが開催される下田で買ったりしています。雑誌の「七緒」も買って読んでいましたが、雑誌を買ったら捨てられず、保存するスペースもないので今は専ら立ち読みをしています。

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