Salira (Kanagawa)


PROFILE プロフィール
Sally lives in Kanagawa prefecture, belongs 25-34 year age group and is married. She hold a national tour guide license as well as working in an office.
Her kimono history is 2 years. She dresses her family, and sometimes foreign visitors in kimono as well as wearing it herself. From when she was child, she wore yukata but she thought that kimono was too high a hurdle for her to attempt it. But as she liked kimono, she choose patterns like a hemp leaf or standing arrow are more typical of kimono, and not the gold fish or big flowers that look like typical yukata designs. Her mother and grand mother did not wear kimono often, only wearing black formal ones to weddings, but her great-grand mother, who passed away at 103, was familiar with kimono because she did tea ceremony.
2 years ago, when Sally learn to wear kimono, she wanted to practice with her great –grand mother’s kimono but they were too small for Sally’s 170cm height. She feels that the kimono hurdle got lower than when she was in her teenage years, because kimono second-hand shops and internet web sites are increasing. Now Sally really enjoys buying and wearing kimono. Not only does she wear them for formal occasions, she wears them casual going out, and dresses foreigners too.
She owns 20 kimono including two yukata, two formal kimono but mostly casual ones. She bought five of her kimono from the internet.

サリラさん 神奈川県在住。25-34歳の年齢のグループ、既婚。会社員としてお勤めの傍ら最近通訳案内士の資格を取られました。着物歴は2年。自分で着る他、ご家族や外国の方に着せてあげることもあります。

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