Miki’s Kimono Stories (Parts 3&4)

STORY 3&4 物語3&4
This kimono belonged to a sister of my mother’s father. It went to my mother when she was young. I think it was made in the Taisho period. My grand aunt wore it when she was going out. I noticed the tacking on this kimono when I got it from my mother. It had been kept like that for safe keeping. My grand aunt hoped to give it to her daughter, but finally it came me through my mother.

This brown kimono that I am wearing was made by my mother for herself originally. I liked this when I saw it when I was going out with her. Is it called a botanical pattern? It is not too dull though in spite of the brown color, it looks like a dress. My kimono size is almost same as my mother’s. This kimono is my favorite from my mother’s collection.


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