Hiromi – Problems


Kimono are difficult to move in, and look after them is a pain. Cleaning is expensive, and I don’t like sewing on the collars. I don’t wear white collars because they get dirty so quickly. I feel that kimono is cold at the neck and also at the ankles, but its too hot in summer, especially around the obi area. I perspire there.
Also if you go to a kimono shop, they always show you something really expensive to try and make you buy it. they always recommend pastel colours and things that don’t stand out. If you want something stronger then they advise that everyone will remember it, so you can only use it once. I prefer strong and darker colours, blues and purples. Then if you want a kimono, they try to sell you an obi too. I prefer to shop on the internet because you can buy just what you want without anyone telling you such things.


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