Hiromi – Influences


My mother did a lot of sewing, both western clothing and making kimono. She sewed kimono for friends, and also one for me. Its orange, so I don’t wear it any more. I have inherited my mother’s kimono. They are a little small, but we like the same dark and strong colours, so I wear her kimono. I grew up in Osaka and my uncle used to take me to Nara and Kyoto to visit the temples. I was not at all interested in those days, but as an adult I went back to Sanju san Gendou, in Kyoto and I fell in love with it. So as a writer and illustrator about Buddhism, I go to do many speeches and events, so people are happy if I wear kimono. So my influences are my mother and my work with Buddhism. Between ten and fifteen years ago I went to a series of free lessons, actually I went to various free lessons and I learnt to dress.





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