Emi (Saitama)


Emi is a housewife with two small children. She is in the 35-44 year old age group. She started wearing kimono 16 years ago, when she was 21 and went into a kimono store to buy yukata underwear. She was shown some kimono and then she liked and ordered one. She was a single working woman at that time, and she was not exposed to kimono in her environment. She bought all her kimono from the same store in Saitama, which she trusts and has a good relationship with. She had to take out loans for eight years to pay for her kimono, but paid everything off by the time she got married. Her collection is comprised of 12 kimono, mostly from the same shop. She has a homongi for ceremonies, a tsukesage for weddings, and several interesting tsumugi and komon kimono. Some of them are unusual types such as kanpouzome, yasanshi (tussar silk) and one that is dyed by a hanko style wood block. She is very interested in collecting these kimono made from unusual techniques. She has made a small file which contains the ends of the kimono cloth in it, and also small articles or information about the techniques by which the kimono were made. She has one polyester kimono given to her by her mother to use for practice, and two yukata. She is not interested in getting more kimono, but rather in making more opportunities to wear the kimono that she has already bought.

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