Sunaho’s Kimono Story (Part 3)

These two kimono belonged to my grandmother. One is an indigo dyed yukata and the other is a yuki tsumugi. Unfortunately, I have never seen my grandmother wearing them. I knew that my grandmother had many kimono, but by the time I became aware of things, she was no longer wearing kimono for daily wear. After she passed away, we didn’t do anything with her tansu for a while. Then I began to wear kimono, so I wanted to know what was inside them. So two years ago, my mother and I decided to air the kimono out, and we took photographs and documented what was in the tansu.
She left seven tansu, so there were many kimono. When we opened the drawers I felt that I was touching the style that she lived and her thought life through the kimono she had left behind. Everything was fine quality and design. It really came home to me that she was a woman of sense, who loved beautiful things. She must have been really stylish and spent so much money. At the same time though, I was conscious that I was her descendent. We are related by blood. Among all the chic kimono, this bold yukata design really stands out. I felt I was seeing another side of my grandmother, when I saw it. I am always praised when I wear it. I am going to wear these chic kimono instead of her, in my own cute style, and there are lots of kimono here that I want to wear as I grow older. I am very lucky that my grandmother are almost the same size and shape, and it makes the kimono very easy for me to wear. She was always very loving to me, and so I wish that I could have shown her how I look when I am wearing kimono.

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