Keiko’s Kimono Story (Part 1)


This kimono came from my aunt. She loved kimono and had a lot of them, but four years ago she gave me the whole contents of her kimono closet. This kimono was one of them. It’s a kind of shibori called Nanbu Akane Shibori and it is an elaborate hand-crafted kind of tie-dyeing, performed with natural dyes. It is a rare kind of kimono now, because there are so few craftsmen making it. I had it resewn to my size. It is cotton, so it is a treasured casual kimono. I started to sort out and cut down on the number of kimono I had about three years ago, because I felt it was troublesome to keep so many from my aunt. I donated some, gave some away to people and sold some too, but I had to keep this tie-dyed one. For me, kimono is not a collection, it should make me happy by being worn, so it should be the right size and look beautiful when I wear it. I try not to have more than I can actually use. I think I have the right number to wear now.




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  1. Wow, your kimono is so beautiful! Such a lovely design. Too bad it is more rare now, but I guess that’s what makes it even more special and of value! Perhaps in the future someone will take up designing that style again and it will one day become popular again. Much love! ❤


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