Keiko’s Kimono Story (Part 2)


I found this kimono as a tanmono, (roll of cloth) about seven years ago, in a kimono shop and I bought it and had it sewn. This kimono is made with a very complex technique. Firstly it is Edo komon, but then some parts of it are hand painted. The Edo komon parts are a mandarin duck in water. the hand painted parts show a kagura dance. I used to enjoy kabuki, dance and I was very interested in kagura in those days, and I went to see it in the Takachiho area of Miyazaki, Kyushu which is famous for kagura performances.  At that time I came across this kimono. It’s a very special point about kimono that one can find such designs as this. I was learning and coming to understand a lot about dyeing techniques at that time, and I was captivated by the elaborate technique used on this kimono.


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