Keiko’s Kimono Problems

PROBLEMS  困っていること

I read a lot of kimono magazines because there is no one around me who can give good advice about kimono. I feel it is difficult to find the person who knows a lot about kimono and its TPO (appropriateness), or about how to go shopping for kimono. The staff of kimono shops are going to give advise about the kimono they want to sell, rather than about the one’s I really need. Not all shop staff are knowledgeable about kimono, and sometimes their knowledge is too old fashioned and does not fit in with the contemporary scene. In this case, I cannot rely on them. I want to have kimono wearing friends who ask each other out in kimono, but women of my generation are very busy, so it isn’t easy to go out together. Also, kimono costs a lot and it takes a lot of space to keep them in my house.




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