Keiko’s Kimono Influences


I wore a wool kimono in my elementary school days, that was sewn by my grand mother. I wore it at New Year and for some reason I remember going to the doctor in it. I think my family thought it would be easy to put the stethoscope on my chest. In my 20s I wanted to learn to wear a yukata, so I went to the kitsuke school. There was no kimono around me, in my environment, so I thought it was natural to go to lessons to learn it. There were very few people wearing kimono as casual clothes in those days. If one wore kimono at that time, people thought you were going to a special occasion, or you were involved in some special kind of work, so although I went to lessons, I didn’t actually wear it much because of that. When I went to kimono lessons again in my 40s, it was different. There were lots of people around wearing kimono in a casual and fun way. I’ve been learning for ten years now. I first learned to dress myself, and now I’m learning how to dress others. The lessons are once or twice a month and it’s a good chance for me to wear kimono, meet with like-minded people and enjoy talking with them and my teacher. I often buy the magazines Utsukushii Kimono and Nanaoh. I like just looking at them, but also I get information about coordination, colour coordination, TPO rules, and where to buy kimono. Its usually thought of a negative thing to be an older woman in Japan, but kimono can show the beauty of women at all ages and levels of maturity. When I wear it people treat me as special and that makes me feel that I am special as a woman.


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