Keiko (Tokyo)


Keiko is in the 45-54 year old age group and is married with one child and a dog. She works part-time as an office clerk. She is learning to dress others in a kimono school and she sometimes dresses people in furisode or houmongi. She wears kimono to fancy parties, events, ceremonies and also she plans visits to art museums and films, so she can wear kimono. From about three years ago, she has been trying to sort out her kimono collection, and has finally reduced it by half. She has 61 kimono now. Komon and tsumugi account for 50%. Formal kimono are 15%.

啓子さん 45-54歳のグループ。既婚、子供一人、犬一匹。パートで事務のお仕事。着付け教室で他装を習っているので、時々依頼されて振袖や訪問着の着付けをしてます。着物は、観劇やパーテイー、イベント、セレモニーの時などに着るほか、美術館や映画など、着物を着るために予定を立てることもあります。3年ほど前から着物の整理をはじめ、ようやく半分くらいに減らしました。所有する着物の枚数61枚。小紋・紬が50%、フォーマル着物が15%。

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