Kaoru’s Kimono Story (Part 2)

When I was reading a kimono magazine, I found an article about safflower dyeing. I felt that the safflower was very special because you can dye in pink, orange or red all from the same flower. The dyeing is a very complex process. When I heard about this, I really wanted one, and I asked the kimono shop to source one for me. This is safflower-dyed kimono. Sometimes, we went to Kyoto to find the right one and the kimono shop and I could build trust together.
In the beginning of my two year search, I was caught in the idea of getting one from the most famous safflower weaving studio in Yamagata, made in 100% safflower. But my thought changed little by little and finally I got this.
This kimono is not 100% safflower, it includes a small amount of chemical dye, but the budget, the colour and sheen, everything was perfect for me. I changed in the two years, in my search for the perfect kimono.
In the beginning, I relied on written information or paper knowledge, but as I built trust with the kimono shop or see many kimono people enjoying kimono, I noticed that the most important thing is how I feel when I wear it, not if it is the most famous or proper kimono. As I focused on finding the right kimono for two years, I now have confidence in my sense for choosing my kimono. If the professional people recommend a kimono to me, I can say YES or NO clearly.


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