Kaoru’s Kimono Story (Part 1)


I was given this oshima tsumugi by my mother. She bought it from her relative’s kimono shop. It came as a roll of cloth and I had it tailored it to my size. This was my third tailored kimono from when I started to wear kimono.
This kimono is very comfortable not only to wear, but also when I fold it. The fabric is fine, the tailoring is good, it is perfect. Thanks to this kimono, I got to love oshima tsumugi, among all types of tsumugi, I think.
Once, this kimono disappeared. It happened when I went to the local kimono shop to ask for it to be cleaned. When I thought it should be time to pick it up, I didn’t get a call, so I went and visited the shop myself, to pick-up my kimono. When I got there I found that the shop had closed down. I searched hard for three months to try and find a way to get my kimono back. Finally I managed to contact the shop’s staff member and I was told that the shop had to close because the shop owner suddenly passed away. When I asked for cleaning, the shop’s staff member did not ask for my telephone number because she knew my face so well, since I visited there often. So then they had no idea how to contact me and they were very worried about it. Finally this kimono came back safely but it was so shocked when it disappeared. I thought that this oshima tsumugi was precious before, but after this experience of losing it, I realized that this kimono is really a treasure to me.


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