Yukiko (Tokyo)


PROFILE プロフィール

Yukiko is living in in Tokyo, belongs to the 45-54 age group and is married. She is an office worker and also volunteers as a guide in a huge botanical garden. As she does her guiding wearing kimono, foreign guests really like it, and this influences the Japanese guests. From childhood she was dressed in kimono for the Hina doll festival and on New Year days, so that kimono was special but not was a part of her everyday life.

Her grandmother and mother did not wear kimono everyday but they wore them on special days. Yukiko liked to watch her mother dressing in kimono and sometimes she would help her by passing her the ties, so in this way she learned how to wear kimono naturally. Her mother tailors her kimono even now.

She owns 34 kimono, most of them are casual kimono like komon, tsumugi or wool. Her polyester kimono are increasing because she wears them when she works as a guide. Others are formal kimono such as furisode, homongi and mourning kimono.




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