Yukiko – Influences


My grand mother learned Japanese traditional dance. When I was 16 years old, I went to Finland to study for one year. My grandmother taught me Japanese traditional dance and I showed how to wear kimono and do Japanese dance in a class in Finland. My grand mother also presented a kimono sewn to the right size for my host family mother. These things helped me a lot to have something to communicate in the foreign country. When I was in my 40’s I visited the host family place again after 30 years. I was really surprised that they had kept a yukata that I had given them before. I didn’t just put it on, I taught them how to wear it and we enjoyed the process together.

My mother has three sisters and all of them wore kimono in their childhood but in adulthood, only my mother wears kimono. So almost all my grandmother’s kimono were passed on to my mother. My mother and I have kimono as our common topic and I feel really thankful about that. I always thought that this was natural, but I realized that it is special, when I hear from other people that only the mother, or only the daughter is interested in kimono, so they cannot share this topic.



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