Yuuko (Tokyo)

Yuuko is in the over 65 age group. She was born and brought up in Niigata and came to Tokyo as a university student. She is married and has two grown up children who are now married and are independent.

Her memories of kimono are wearing it at 7,5,3 and at New Year, when growing up. She also remembers that she wore a yukata for the obon festival. She met her future husband at university and she got married at 25. At this time her mother made a trousseau for her marriage. Her mother chose all these kimono, and chose them, she thinks according to her skin colour. She has two sisters and her mother’s selection for each daughter is different. However, she feels that these kimono are the choice of her mother, and they do not really reflect her own taste. Yuuko rarely wears kimono. If she wears it, it is usually for a party and she will book a dresser at the venue and get dressed there. However, she likes kimono and keeps the family kimono and her trousseau and a few kimono that she has had made herself. Her collection is 42 kimono, spread across all types, but about a quarter of them are komon kimono. She keeps her favourite kimono in a pawlonia chest, and others from the family in a tea chest which she has upholstered herself.




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