Yoko’s Story 2

My grandmother made this silk komon and gave it to me when I graduated from high school. She picked this kimono by herself because I do not have a memory of it. I wore it at tea ceremony. My grandmother was not a person who raised children with praise. My grandfather was very strict about training children too, and we were always tense front of him. So my grandmother tried to make him train us more kindly. She taught me all about behavior for everyday like how to serve a cup of tea, how to hold a tray, etc. Actually, when I got this kimono from her, I remember that I felt pressure to be a decent adult person rather than being pleased with it. Nowadays, I have no chance to wear it, my daughter neither. One of the reasons is that the lining is too bold a color. However, I dressed an overseas high school student in it. She was very happy with it.








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