Tomomi’s Story 1

I wore this kimono with the obi which I embroidered by myself for the first time. After finishing the embroidery, and it was finished by the obi tailor, I could not find the right kimono to put together with it. It took 4 years to find this kimono. I was happy to find this and wore this in April. It’s a fresh and nice colored tsumugi. It was unforgettable memory out going with my hand embroidered work. Many people praised me. They told me that I had always been wearing too dark and quiet kimono, so It looked fresh. The motif of this embroidery is “chiyo asobi”, which means children’s toys. When I started to embroider, I regreted using pink colored thread which I am not familiar with, but I could get a nice bright color kimono thanks to this.






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