Tomomi (Tokyo)

Tomomi belongs to under 34 year old age group and she is a housewife. She was born and grew up in the Tohoku area, the northeast of Japan and has been living in Tokyo since 12 years ago.

She remembers that her grandmother who lived together with her, picked a green kimono for her 7.5.3 ceremony when she was 7 years old. The green kimono was not common for the children at that time, but Tomomi thought that it looked very good on her, rather than the childish red kimono that she wore at 3 years old in the 7.5.3 ceremony, when she lookedback at the 7.5.3. photographs when she was a teenager.

She wore yukata for the first time when she was in a junior high school. The yukata was handed down from her grandmother and Tomomi was happy to be dressed by her. But when she met her friends outside, all of her friends wore contemporary bold yukata. She liked her grandmother’s yukata, but she felt that she looked unfashionable and old. However, she did not want to wear yukata like her friends’. She liked the quiet colored and patterned kimono and yukata from when she was teenager, but they did not look good on her, at her young age, she thought. Also, she was wondering if she could say that she liked the yukata like her grandmother’s at that time.

On her coming-of-age ceremony, she wore her mother’s furisode. The furisode had orange flowers patterns on a white base, and it was in fashion in the Showa period. She liked it but it looked old fashioned when put together with mother’s green obi. So Tomomi and her family got a modern navy obi in a kimono shop and it worked in a good way. From this experience, Tomomi still likes to combine old things with new things now. At the coming-of-age ceremony hall, most of the attendees wore modern showy kimono. She felt they were new and fresh, but also she felt the difference between her own taste and that of other people the same age as her.

All of Tomomi’s wedding costumes were kimono by her request. After she got married, she wanted to wear kimono but she did not own any kimono or have chances to wear it. She started to learn Japanese traditional embroidery 6 years ago. Some classmates wore kimono, so she started to learn kimono wearing from internet movies or books at her home after she got a kimono from a second-hand kimono store. At that time, since she did not have kimono friends for going out together, she had no courage to go out alone in kimono. She was satisfied with just looking at kimono at her home, but she changed her mind. When she went out in kimono, some neighbors saw her and offered to give their kimono to her. Finally her kimono collection increased.

Now, she’s in her 30s. She feels comfortable because the quiet simple styles of kimono that she likes finally look better on her. This is very important for her.

She started to learn kimono sewing from last year to repair her collection. She has 44 kimono and 90% of them are casual kimono like komon, tsumugi , cotton and linen.

友美さん 34歳以下の年齢のグループ、主婦。東北で生まれ育ち12年前から東京にお住まいです。










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