Rie’s Story 1

These two kimono came from the same woman who is over 80 years old. She is a customer at my work place. She gave me them when I told her that I started to learn kimono wearing. The size was good for me and very they are very comfortable to wear. I realized I was given good kimono. The blue kimono came to me first. And this is the first kimono of my kimono life. When I go out with this kimono, many elderly women said that they liked kimono. I often wear it with flower embroidery on an off-white colored obi.

The orange one, I had no idea what kind type of obi would match this kimono when I saw it at a glance. When I wear regular clothes, I always pick plain colored ones, I never wear bold patterned items like this kimono. I asked the young kimono shop staff and she picked a black obi out for me. When I go out in this kimono and the black obi, many young people said they like it.





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