Rie’s Influences

I was influenced from the young staff at a casual kimono shop. I leant kimono wearing at this shop. I brought kimono, obi and accessories at a second-hand kimono store and brought them for the lesson. The young staff said “this coordination was not cool.” when she saw them. I just thought it was a basic coordination and not bad. But when I saw how she changed the coordination by using the accessories at the shop, I realized that very basic kimono and obi could change to be cool and modern by using the right color accessories and coordination. This learning was thanks to her. There were some unique patterned kimono I was given from the old woman, and I had no idea what kind of obi worked with the kimono. The young staff suggested me a good obi and the kimono looked better because of the obi. The kimono shop was new and clean, and the staff were young. It changed my old image of “kimono shops are dreadful places”. Thanks to her and her shop, my kimono world became wider.

Another influence is that there is an area where kimono work related people and kimono loving people gather near by my place, and I got influenced by them. When I was in my kimono boom, I just wanted many kimono, so I often visited a second-hand kimono shop there. Many unique kimono people were always there. I learnt kimono wearing in various ways. I ordered a special hakama there. It is made from a kuro-tomesode. It is a black hakama with luxury patterns. It is very special and I keep it my place.






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