Rie (Tokyo)

Rie belongs to the 45-54 year old age group. She was born and grew up in Tokyo. She has a few memories of kimono in childhood including her 7.5.3 ceremony. She wore her sister’s furisode when she celebrated her coming-of-age ceremony but she could not to wait to take it off as soon as possible. Not only because she was dressed too tightly, but also because she did not like the make-up. The old lady in the photo studio put on red cheek rouge in circles on Rie’s cheeks in an old fashioned way. When she was young, she liked to wear clothes all black clothes, so she wanted to be made up in a modern and cool way as was usual for her. The result was that she wanted to hide the photograph of her coming-of-age and she didn’t want them being seen by anybody. Now, she does not know even where the photo is. She had no chance to have any interest in kimono for a while after that. But her mother made a purple houmongi for Rie, when she married, and she wore it when her two children celebrated their 7.5.3 ceremony. On these occasions, Rie was thinking that kimono was an outfit for use on formal occasions.

8 years ago, Rie wore hakama when she attended a graduation ceremony of her university through a correspondence course. From that time, she began to think that kimono was good. Then she found a stylish kimono shop which has some young staff members. She bought a second-hand kimono and obi, and joined the kimono wearing lessons at that kimono shop for two months. Rie told a customer about it at her work place. The customer was a woman over 80 years old and she gave her some kimono to Rie. Rie liked the kimono so much that she started to go out with in casual kimono in her daily life. At first, it was difficult to coordinate the right obi with the kimono, but after she could do it, she became able to enjoy it, and she wanted to wear various types of kimono like antiques or unique patterns. Her kimono increased day by day, at one time she had dozens of kimono.

However, when Rie’s kimono interest started to decrease, her friends’ kimono boom increased. She gave her kimono to her friends. They were so happy to pick their favorite one from Rie’s collection and wear them. Rie’s own kimono collection is 12 kimono, and 90% of them are casual kimono like komon, cotton or wool. Half of her collection are summer kimono like linen or yukata. Rie thinks that this amount of kimono is best for her now. She wants keep this amount of kimono which she really likes. After she focused on reducing her collection, she noticed that the kimono which she wanted to keep with her were the ones that came to her when she first started to wear kimono. Her frequency of kimono wearing has decreased now, but she wants to go out with her friends, casually wearing kimono.

利恵さん 45-54歳の年齢のグループ。生まれてから現在までずっと東京にお住まいです。子供の頃の着物の記憶は、七五三を含めあまり残っていません。お姉様の振袖を着て参加した成人式では、早く振袖を脱ぎたくて仕方ありませんでした。着付けが苦しかったせいもありますが、記念撮影のために行った撮影所でされたメークがとても嫌でした。その頃の利恵さんは、普段のファッションは全身黒ずくめで、メークもクールでモダンなメークをしていました。成人式の日も、美容室で振袖を着せてもらったときはモダンなメークをしてくれたのですが、写真の撮影所に着くと、年配の女性スタッフが「それじゃだめよー」と言いながら、チークで頬を真っ赤にしてしまいました。その結果、人には見せたくない写真となってしまい、今ではせっかくの記念写真もどこにあるのかわかりません。





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