Nao (Tokyo)

Nao is in the 55 to 64 years old age group. She was born and brought up in Tokyo and has always lived in the same house. She now cares for both of her elderly parents in the family house and she works as a care giver for elderly people, and says it is a privilege to help old people.

As a child, she remembers that her mother was a kitsuke volunteer and would go and help people dress on special occasions. She also wore a kimono with a black haori to Nao’s graduation ceremonies. Those are good memories for Nao, but although she liked her mother in kimono and wanted to wear it herself, her mother was very severe with her when she tried, so she was put off it. However she has always liked Japanese cultural things such as tea, calligraphy and Japanese dance, so she thinks it is natural for her to want to wear kimono, too. About eight years ago, she began to look at kimono pages on the internet and started trying to put on kimono using You Tube. One day she posted a picture of herself in a kimono group, wearing a haori over western clothing. That picture got a lot of likes and so she was encouraged to try to wear kimono. Her mother is no longer severe with her. She is a little afraid of the “kimono police” (very strict rule-governed women), but now finally she feels brave enough to dress herself and walk out in kimono. She has kimono from her family and friends, but now she likes to choose them for herself. She buys them on the internet for up to 2,000 yen including the postage. She has 37 kimono, which are almost all casual, one third are komon, and another third are tsumugi from her mother.

奈緒さん 55~64歳の年齢のグループ、東京都で生まれました。生まれた時から現在までずっと同じ家に住んでいます。今はこの家でご両親の介護をしながら、介護の仕事をしています。お年寄りのために働けることは恵まれていると思っています。



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