Mayumi (Kanagawa)

Mayumi is in the 55-64 year old age group. She was born in Osaka, but has mostly lived in or around Tokyo and is now living in Kanagawa. She is married with two children, her daughter has married and left home and she lives with her husband and son. As a child she remembers having a kimono put on her at New Year and also she did 7,5,3. She then wore kimono again at her coming of age and at her graduation.

She didn’t have any memories of her parents wearing kimono, but when she looked at some old photographs, she found that her father would change into kimono when he came home from work and she also found that her mother had worn some everyday kimono, too.

As Mayumi likes cloth and looks at a lot of sewing books, she began to be attracted to old kimono through the books. It was about four years ago that she began to get interested, but she couldn’t wear it and didn’t know where to go to learn. She didn’t want to go to a big kimono school and spend lots of money on kimono she didn’t want. Through Instagram she finally found a teacher two years ago, and she travelled right to the other side of Tokyo to go and take private dressing lessons. She did this for over two months. She started going to her teacher’s events and kimono flea markets. Now she usually buys her kimono through Merukari and other internet sites. She has 47 kimono in her collection. Mostly they are casual antique komon, tsumugi or cotton kimono.

真弓さん  55歳~64歳の年齢のグループです。大阪で生まれました。その後はほとんど東京周辺に住み、現在は神奈川で暮らしています。娘さんは独立し、ご主人と息子さんと一緒に住んでいます。着物の思い出としては、小さい頃にはお正月と七五三、その後は成人式と卒業式に着せてもらった思い出があります。




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