Mayo’s Problems

My daughters are both interested in kimono, especially the younger one, but the older one likes to wear yukata too. However they don’t try and learn it. They ask me to put it on for them. It won’t continue to the next generation like that. If you go to a hair salon and have hair and kimono done, it will cost at least 20,000 yen. It would be good it they learnt it themselves instead of always coming to me.

Also, I did wonder what to do with my mother’s kimono. You can give kimono away, but you don’t know if people are really happy to receive them. They might be thinking, “This is not my style” or “The sleeves are too short, it doesn’t fit me”. So you worry that they might not really want them. Of course when you wear them you have to be careful to make the ohashiori straight, so I worry about my dressing skills. It used not to be so strict. They should be folded correctly and put away, and aired out sometimes. I really don’t do that.





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