Kaori (Saitama)

Kaori is in the under 34 age group, and was born and lives near Tokyo. She is a university student. She remembers wearing a yukata and heko obi at her kindergarten and elementary school, and doesn’t have much memory of it, but she wore kimono at 3 and 7 years old for 7,5,3. She remembers wearing her kimono to church when she was seven. She remembers that she liked fans and Japanese things, when she was small. When she was in junior high school, she bought a 3 part set of yukata, pre-tied obi and geta footwear from a large shopping mall. She also bought a 2-piece dress yukata from the internet.

When she was in high school, she was shopping with her mother in a neighbouring town and she was looking at books. There was a kimono store next to the bookstore, and she saw a cat half-width obi in the window. It was so easy to go into that store, so they went in, and she bought the cat obi. One of her friends wanted to do cos-play, so she sewed herself a short white kimono and put the cat obi with it. However, she never wore it out anywhere. When she was in her first year at university, she bought a yukata to go with her cat obi. Kaori took part in a dyeing event, did a stencil dyeing experience, she has worn her yukata at the university tanabata festival and is taking a dressing class in university. She did an internship in a kimono business and went out in yukata in the summer vacation. She is planning to work in a kimono business when she graduates from college. She has ten kimono in total, including her 2-piece dress yukata and four others. She has ordered a hitoe and houmongi, and also has 2 polyester komon and her age 7 kimono.

香織さん 34歳以下の年齢のグループ、大学生です。東京近郊で生まれ育ち、ご両親と暮らしています。幼稚園と小学校に通っていた頃は、浴衣に兵児帯を合わせてお祭りや盆踊りへ出かけていました。また、あまりよく覚えていないものの、七五三では着物を着せてもらいました。3歳の時はレンタル着物で7歳の時はお母さまが着た着物を着せてもらい、教会に行きました。小さい頃は扇子や小さな和の小物が好きでした。中学生の頃、近くのショッピングモールで浴衣、作り帯と下駄がセットになっている浴衣3点セットを買いました。インターネットで二部式の浴衣ドレスも買いました。



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