Chihoko (Tokyo)

Chihoko is in the over 65 age group. She was born and grew up in Tokyo and lives with her husband. Her two children are now grown up and independent. She is a housewife and sold dance wear from home for about 10 years until her husband retired.

She wore kimono when she was 7 for 7,5,3 and she wore it again for coming of age. Her mother bought her several kimono when she married, iromuji, komon, Oshima tsumugi, tsumugi etc, but she was not interested in them and she never wore them. She is interested in fashion, especially the 1960s, and she loves wearing hats and other accessories. She loves ballroom dancing. Her mother passed away seven years ago, and later they were going to tear down her old house. There were some boxes with kimono in, so Chihoko rescued them, but didn’t really look at them. It was later that she became interested in them and started wearing them. She has 52 kimono, mostly casual ones such as komon and tsumugi, and almost all of them are from her mother.




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