Atsuko (Saitama)

Atsuko is in the 55 to 64 year old age group. She is single and works as an editor at a publishing company. She lives in Saitama. She wore the kimono for 7,5,3 and then again at coming of age and on her graduation. However, she did not get interested in kimono until she was about forty years old. She decided she wanted to wear the kimono that her mother had left her, so she went to a kimono school when she was about 47 or 8 and she learnt how to do it. At the school she became really interested in kimono and she started to buy them from the school. The school recommended a wide range of items to her, and advised her that she needed three obi for each kimono, so she bought even more obi than kimono. The first one she bought was a homongi, but her tastes were more towards casual kimono. She bought an Oshima and ojiya chijimi, and various others. At that time she even thought she might like to work with kimono, but she had no idea how to make it happen. In reality she only wore her kimono out about thirty times. Then she was busy and gradually she got out of practice. Eventually it took her two hours to put it all on, and she got fed up with it. She felt happy just to own the kimono and look at them. Some of them she has hardly worn at all. She feels that she would really like to wear them, now. She owns a total of 33 kimono, half of which are from her mother. The other half were mostly order made, through her kimono school. Komon, summer casual wear , yukata and wool make up most of the collection.




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