Chikage’s Story 2

I got this sanpo-gi (walking out) kimono last year. This kimono has a family crest, so it is a semi-formal kimono. Sanpo-gi were worn by wealthy family women for going out to places like the theater or eating in restaurants in the Taisho era and the beginning of the Showa era. They were made to be between formal and casual kimono. It is dyed as komon pattern on the whole kimono but also has the eba- gara,hem pattern added, like a homongi. They were very luxurious kimono. I love this type of kimono, but they have stopped making them now, though. I found it at an antique market. I love striped kimono, so I fell in love with it at first sight. I love this kimono since it has many Rinpa school patterns because I respect Ogata Korin of that school. Two pictured kimono are worn together. The outer pictures are bold, the inner ones are quiet. I researched this family crest. It was rakugo-ka, comic storyteller’s, family crest. He was popular in 1930-1950. I wonder if a fan of the rakugo-ka storyteller made this kimono when she listened to his performance. Or perhaps these patterns on this kimono are related to one of his comic stories. I love spending time wondering like this. I can enjoy drinking alcohol and imagining such stories. This is the best relish of kimono.





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