Chikage’s Influences

I was influenced a lot by a woman who was the most famous antique kimono collector in Japan and an antique kimono shop owner. I certainly visited her luxury kimono collection exhibitions, and I have all the catalogs of her exhibitions. I was fascinated by her coordination which tell stories. They seem like intellectual games, made by the meanings of the pictures or patterns on kimono, the relations between the patterns, and stories. To understand them needs some knowledge of classics literature and culture. Antique kimono are full of pictures so this kind of game is possible. It is difficult to do it with geometrically patterned kimono. I am also influenced by an artist who is over 100 years old now, but still she works doing sumie abstract painting. Her kimono style looks easy but it is not loose. It is like sushi which was made by an expert sushi master. It looks almost disturbed but actually never was. I would love to wear kimono like her, but I need to train for another 50 years still. I also love to read novels written by the authors who wrote in the early 20th Century.




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