Chikage (Tokyo)

Chikage belongs to the 45-54 year old age group. She was born in Chiba prefecture and is living in Tokyo and working as an art director. She has been learning tea ceremony since she was a child because her mother was a friend of the tea ceremony teacher. Chikage grew up familiar with kimono since she used to put on kimono for the practice of tea ceremony. She has prefered quiet colored kimono even from her childhood, but her mother made pink and gold decorated kimono for her. She felt that they were pretty but boring. Thanks to her continuing her tea lessons, her mother took her to see kimono show cases often. They really liked to go out together, and sometimes they visited Kyoto to see kimono. Because of this, Chikage has been able to look at many good quality things.

When she was 24 years old, she met a woman who wore antique kimono beautifully. The woman introduced her to a famous antique kimono collector’s shop. It was her destiny to be fascinated with antique kimono. She grew up with kimono for tea ceremony but antique kimono are totally different from those. Because of the nature of her work, she tends to focus a lot on pictures and the patterns on kimono. She thinks the artisans in former times did good quality work. They drew a wider variety of patterns on kimono than do today’s artisans. When wearing antique kimono, the wearers can express stories easily through the kimono or coordination with obi or accessories. After Chikage found antique kimono, she got to want to learn to wear kimono by herself. Eventually she got a license to teach it. Putting it on by herself made it more fun to go out here and there in kimono. She wears antique kimono at private parties or casual dinners, but for more formal or official occasions she wears modern kimono. Sometimes she organizes antique kimono event with friends.

She owns 45 kimono at her own place and stores about the same number at her parents’ home. She keeps casual kimono, antique kimono and seasonal kimono at her place. The formal kimono and out-of-season kimono are at her parents’ place. She switches them around sometimes.

She is especially fascinated by sanpo-gi (walking out) kimono among other antique kimono. Sanpo-gi are not made now, so she is always looking for good ones at antique markets or antique shops, she already has two, though.

千景さん 45-54歳の年齢のグループ、千葉県で生まれました。現在は東京にお住まいでアートディレクターのお仕事をされています。千景さんのお母様のお友達がお茶の先生だったため、小さい頃からお茶を習っていました。お茶の練習用やお茶会の着物を着せてもらっていたことから、小さい頃より着物には親しんで育ちました。ただ、もともと地味好みの千景さんは、この頃に作ってもらった、ピンクや金糸を使った着物はお茶会に着るだけで、普段にはあまり着たいと思いませんでした。これらの着物は綺麗ですが、飽きてしまうと感じていました。









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