Tsumugi’s Story 3

This komon is special to me because it is the first kimono that I bought with my own money. I saw it in the used kimono shop and from far away it looked like kompeto (colourful candies). It is the blue, pink and yellow in it. Actually when I got close I saw that it was plum blossoms, but I think it is so cute. When I bought it, I knew nothing about kimono, not even what type it was. It is a komon, so I can use it quite a lot. I use it going out and atparties. I only owned the furisode and a yukata then. I didn’t have any accessories. I could wear a yukata though. So I looked on the internet and I practiced at home. Then I went to my parents’ house at New year, and I asked my mother to show me how to tie a Nagoya obi.



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