Tsumugi (Tokyo)

Tsumugi is in the under 35 age group. She is a housewife, who is teaching dance. She was born and grew up in Shizuoka. Her mother was a kitsuke teacher since she was 18, so she grew up doing her homework and watching people dressing in kimono. However, she really wasn’t interested in it at all. She was interested in Lolita and Rococo style clothing. Twice a year, her parents would drive her to Tokyo to go and choose some dresses. Those days were really happy memories for her. You couldn’t buy that kind of clothing where she lived. She did choose a pink rose yukata when she was 14, which she always wore to her local festival and she really liked. It has lace on it. She went to Canada for a year when she was 17, as a homestay student. When she came back, she realized that she didn’t know anything much about Japanese culture. She supposes she first got interested in kimono when she had her coming of age ceremony. She thought it might be possible to do something combining kimono and the rococo style that she really liked. Her mother was in favour of letting her try, so she bought an old wedding dress and cut it in two to make paniers. Then she put the kimono over it and she wore it short with white stockings and shiny buckled pink shoes, a shirt with a lace collar and she carried a basket and teddy bear. She did take a normal picture too, with another kimono. She began to think that she could start learning about Japanese culture from the kimono because it was so familiar to her. Her mother found a kimono photographer on SNS and they were introduced and she went to take a rococo kimono photograph with him. Then she really became hooked on kimono. She started taking Japanese dance lessons a year ago, and now she teaches it twice a week. She is now wearing kimono four or five times a week for dance or other events. Tsumugi’s collection is 19 kimono. A third of them are komon kimono from used kimono shops. A third of them are casual summer or yukata and she has 1 of each type of formal wear.

つむぎさん 35歳以下の年齢のグループ、静岡県で生まれ育ち、現在は東京にお住まいです。つむぎさんのお母さまはご自身が18歳の頃から着付けの先生をしていました。そのため、つむぎさんは学校から帰ると、いつも宿題をしながら、着物を着る練習をする人を見ていました。 それでもつむぎさんは着物には興味はなく、イギリスやフランスの昔の服やロリータファッション、ロココスタイルの洋服が好きでした。つむぎさんの住んでいたところにはつむぎさんが好きな洋服が売っていなかったため、年に2回、新しいドレスを選ぶために、ご両親はつむぎさんを東京まで連れて行ってくれました。その日はいつもとても幸せで、とても良い思い出になっています。




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