Risa’s Story 2

I was given this kimono from my husband’s mother after I got married. She said she wore it often. When she tried to pass her kimono collection to the next generation, she picked some good colors for her daughter and me. She thought this color was good on me and she knew I was concerned about the stencil paper, so she picked this sarasa (chintz) kimono for me.

I was sent to three countries in South America by the Foreign Ministry for a Japanese Brand transmission project. I gave some speeches, and some exhibitions and workshops to explain about Japanese traditional patterns and stencil dyeing as a paper cutting artist. During those events, I wore this kimono. In South American countries, people were surprised when they found out that this kimono was dyed by hand. And they looked happy to know that kimono has many type of patterns, not only Japanese classic ones. Also they were surprised that we can wear our mothers’ or ancestors’ kimono, generation by generation.



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