Risa’s Story 1

This kimono I’m wearing now is the first kimono given to me by my mother. When I decided to learn kimono dressing, my mother asked me if I had a kimono. I realized that I did not have one. I was given this obiage and obijime at the same time. I like this color and the material of this kimono. I put it on by myself and attended an official party for the first time. It was very memorable to wear it with this obi, obijime and obiage. This obi matched the kimono very well. I designed and cut the stencil paper for this obi, and a dyer dyed it with colors that he thinks are my image colors. My mother started to learn kimono dressing earlier than me, and she made this kimono for that. But she seemed not to wear it often. According to her, she likes to wear kimono but it needs physical strength. So finally the kimono came to me.



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