Risa’s Influences

I love to see Empress Michiko in kimono. I am amazed at her in kimono from when she was in her youth until now. I think she is showing her charm in the best way even under pressure and with a heavy responsibility as a representative of our country.

I leant a lot from an old professional kimono dresser in Ginza who always dresses the hostesses of expensive hostess-bars in Ginza. She taught me some tips about dressing in kimono and keeping it tidy for a long time, even I move a lot.

I was moved when I saw the color of the kimono which was dyed by a traditional dyeing craftsman for the first time. Until then, I just thought that any kimono look the same if they are dyed using the same stencil paper. But it is not true. The color is different and his kimono are different. I had a prejudice concerning Japanese traditional colors. But the colors he made and dyed don’t look old but they are traditional. Since I am working as a designer, I am taking good note of what he shows me. I think the most important thing is color in creating a first impression. The colors he makes and dyes on kimono bring out the charm of the person who wears his kimono. Ise-katagami was my entry point into the kimono. I understand that non–Japanese people display katagami as art, which they got at antique markets. I can understand both viewpoints on katagami from my experience living overseas and as an artisan now. Also I want to keep my own viewpoint and think about what can I transmit from my position.





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