Risa (Tokyo)

Risa is in the 35-44 year old age group. She was born in Morioka city and grew up in Tokyo. She lives in Tokyo now. Although she never saw her mother in kimono in her childhood, she often listened to her stories about the beautiful and gorgeous kimono of geisha women who came to the authentic Japanese restaurant in Tohoku which was run by Risa’s mother’s great-grandmother. And Risa’s 7,5,3 kimono and her coming-of-age ceremony furisode were red, so that young Risa’s image of kimono was like a red colored gorgeous costume. She lived in New York for study and her work as a graphic designer for 8 years. After coming back to Japan in 2010, she lived in Ise area for half a year, for work. At Ise, she found Ise-katagami (stencil paper) and got to know the process of kimono making for the first time. She was surprised at the finely detailed beautifully cut works. Also she was moved at the durability because the stencil paper can still be used now, even if it was made 100 years ago. She was also shocked when she knew the paper stencils were seen as only the tool, so they were disposed of when their role was finished, even though they were so beautiful like art works. After she knew about Ise-katagami, she wanted to see dyers who use the stencil papers. She visited some dyers and got to know the dyers works. In 2011, Risa showed her own work to a traditional craftsman of stencil cutting. He suggested to Risa that she could be a designer for kimono and now she is working as a designer not only for kimono but also for other Japanese traditional items. Around that time, she took five lessons to learn to wear kimono by herself. But she could not have confidence to go out with her dressing skill. So she always asked a professional kimono dresser to dress her when she wore kimono out on formal occasions. As she attended a small kimono gathering every month, she got confidence with her kimono wearing little by little. Risa thinks internet kimono movies are very convenient. She can find her favorite kimono teacher at her place anytime, and she can ask questions anytime and can find the answers on internet. Now she wears kimono two or three times a month and every time she attends gatherings both for business and pleasure. For business, she wants people to know that she is a designer for Japanese traditional items, and for pleasure she wants to connect with people who have an interest in Japanese traditional items. The kimono which is behind her was made by three new young women artisans: designer (Risa), a stencil cutter and a dyer; they made it as a new challenge.

Risa owns 22 kimono. Over the half of them are casual kimono like komon, tsumugi and cotton etc. Almost 70% of her collection came from her family members or acquaintances. Three kimono are her husband’s kimono.

里紗さん 35-44歳の年齢のグループ、盛岡で生まれ東京で育ち、現在も東京にお住まいです。子供の頃にお母さまが着物を着ているのを見た記憶はないのですが、お母さまのひいお祖母様が東北で料亭を営んでいたため、多くの芸者さんが華やかな衣装で出入りしていた話を小さい頃から聞かされていました。里紗さんの七五三の着物や成人式の振袖が赤い色だったことから、若い頃の里紗さんには、着物は日常的なものではなく、華やかで赤い、衣装のような豪華なイメージがありました。








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