Naoko’s Story 3

When I started to go to kimono dressing school, my teacher gave this kimono to me. I feel free to wear it because it is washable, a dark color, and the crepe fabric is easy to wear in beautiful way. When I attended a university class mate’s party in this kimono, my friend was influenced by my kimono style and she started to learn kimono dressing, too. Now, she always wears kimono when she goes to the opera. She still says every time when she meets me that she was amazed and influenced by me at the party. I feel shy about it a little, but it makes me so happy. In the meantime, I am getting less opportunities to wear kimono these days and have almost forgotten how to tie the obi. One day it took me two hours to finish, so I had to learn it again. I love indigo color. I like this kimono but I would like to get a real Japanese indigo-dyed kimono in the future. It is said that the real Japanese indigo dye is good for skin when wearing it, and not only a beautiful natural deep color.




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