Mika’s Story 3

I made this hiki, trailing, furisode as my graduation piece for college. I was the first student who had made a hikigi, trailing kimono, so there was no data available. It was hard to gather the materials and data to refer to. I tried to look for the materials for making a hikigi at the practice place of Japanese traditional dancing and literature. I used three tannmono (roles of cloth) to make it. I designed and cut two types of stencil papers and I dyedthe tannmono using the stencils and tie-dyeing. I used the special dye to prevent the colours from fading away under the strong stage lights. I picked the iris flower pattern because I love this flower since I was born in June and I got the inspiration from a Japanese traditional dance “ayame” (iris), that is performed in iris yukata. I missed a chance to wear it because I stopped going to practice Japanese traditional dance for a while at that time. I displayed it using a torso at my university. I had no chance to wear it for ten years, but then I wore it at a kimono fashion show last year. I was so happy. When look at this kimono, I remember my university days.





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