Mika (Tokyo)

Mika belongs 25-34 years old age group, and was born and grew up in Tokyo.

Her kimono memories are 7,5,3 and wearing yukata for summer festivals. From when she was in junior high school, she was interested in Japanese items. She walked around at junior high school with a folding fan in her chest pocket. She studied art and fashion in high school and university. She took a class of Japanese traditional dance in high school days, and it was the first time she wore a kimono. She studied fabric dyeing at her university. She started to have strong interest in kimono so she dyed kimono sometimes in her classes. She is working as a manager at a wedding kimono rental service now. When she introduces and suggests wearing an uchikake wedding gown to a bride, she can do it well because she likes kimono and has a good knowledge of kimono making. She thinks her job is her vocation since she hopes that the bride come to like kimono through her good memories of her wedding and will then wear kimono in her later life.

Mika learned tea ceremony and ikebana (Japanese flower arrangement) when she was in university. She has continued studying ikebana and got a license as an ikebana teacher. She has started to teach it. She wears kimono once or twice a month, on the occasions like dinners, wedding ceremonies or ikebana events. She also wears kimono every year when she goes to watch the recital of dances by geisha. She is longing for the style of geisha women. Once she was invited to become a geisha by a genuine working geisha. She was happy and asked about it to her family members, but all of them opposed the idea, so she gave it up.

She feels that there is a Japanese sense in kabuki costume kimono which have very strong color contrasts, much more than everyday kimono. She watched kabuki when she was17 years old for the first time. She owns 26 kimono. Half of them came from her family, and the other half were purchased from kimono shops. A third of her collection is formal kimono. Five kimono are designed and dyed by herself.





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