Tamaki (Tokyo)

Tamaki is in the over 65 age group and was born in the Tokyo area. She has two grown up children, and has recently lost her husband. As a child she wore kimono for the usual ceremonies, 7,5,3 and for coming of age. She also wore a yukata for festivals. After marriage she wore a kimono for her children’s entrance and graduation ceremonies, but in her family kimono has always been confined to formal wear. It was only worn on special occasions. Tamaki studied sewing (western clothing) at college for one year and she did some sewing jobs before her marriage. She also remembers using her machine to make lots of clothes for her two children. It was after her daughter started wearing kimono and asked her to sew one for her, that she used the machine to make kimono for the first time. She has made over 30 cotton kimono now, and has also made polyesters ones, and obi, too. Once it is started she feels that it is easier than western dress. You just repeat the same straight lines. She had never thought about opening the family chest and using the kimono inside until her daughter became interested and started to ask her to go out with her to exhibitions. This was about fifteen years ago. She is thankful for the chance to communicate with her daughter and also for the chance to use the family kimono which were sleeping in the family chest. Tamaki has 79 kimono, the majority of which are tsumugi or cotton kimono.




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