Nodoka’s Influences

My mother is a big influence on me. She taught me to dress and it is through kimono that we have lots to share together. I love antiques, art and British fashion. I am really into art nouveau and deco, and also checks and tartans. As my mother can sew well, she has recently made several kimono for me. I’m influenced by cool dressers around me, and I also look at fashion magazines, such as Vogue or Harpers Bazaar, and I put those ideas into kimono.


チェック柄等々。母は縫い物が得意なので、そんなイメージの着物も何枚か縫ってもらいました。他には、私の周りにいる素敵な人たちやVogue, Harpers Bazaarなどのファッション雑誌 の影響もあります。雑誌の中の気に入ったアイディアを着物に取り入れます。

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