Nodoka (Tokyo)

Nodoka was born and raised in Tokyo. She is in the 35 to 44 year age group. She studied graphic design at university and she was always interested in the 1920s and 30s art nouveau and art deco eras. One day she saw a picture of someone wearing an antique meisen kimono in a magazine, and, as she loved the period, she thought she would like to wear something from that time. As a child her mother had dressed her in her childhood for girls’ day, New Year and other ceremonies, and in yukata for festivals, but as an adult she started wearing kimono 15 years ago after college graduation. At this time she asked her mother to teach her how to wear kimono herself. When she started working, she worked in a very small company and wore kimono daily for about five years. Working in a larger company now, it is not possible, but she wears it on weekends and goes to events and sometimes participates in fashion shows.

Nodoka keeps 73 kimono with her, and she also has 64 at her family home (total 137 kimono). A lot of kimono that have been given to her are kept at her family house. What is notable about her collection is that there are only 3 formal kimono in it. All the rest are casual kimono. Also, she has a lot of cotton kimono sewn by her mother.


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