Hitomi’s Kimono Story (Part 4)


My daughter is quite a lot taller than I am. This creates a problem for her, when she is searching for kimono. The kimono in the flea markets and antique or second hand shops are usually much too short for her. This means that although I can often buy old used kimono for myself, I usually have to have kimono order made for my daughter. Order made kimono is an expensive business. But I found two old kimono that were quite similar in feeling. They are both woven kimono, one in dark blue and one in dark green. These kimono came from my mother and my mother-in-law. I had these two kimono taken apart, cleaned and then made into one patch worked kimono for my daughter. Putting together the new kimono was a very creative process, and it means that my daughter is connected to both of her grand mothers through the kimono and also to me who thought of the idea and ordered it for her. This is a kimono that literally has our family history in it.



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