Hitomi’s Kimono Story (Part 3)


I received this kimono from my mother. However it was not originally my mother’s kimono. It belonged to a very special friend of my mother. I cannot even remember the name of that friend or why she was so special to my mother. I would love to know the story, but now it is too late to find out. However, this kimono was really important and my mother wouldn’t throw it away. She asked me to take care of it. It was in a very bad state when I received it. It was dirty and messed up. So, knowing that it was so important for my mother, I sent it to the kimono shop and asked for it to be cleaned, have a new lining put in, and be completely resewn. Since that time no one has worn this kimono. I do not know if anyone has ever worn it. It still has the tacking stitches of a new kimono in it. The dyeing is faded in some areas and is uneven. However, even if nobody ever wears this kimono, I will never throw it away because it was really important to my mother. I think about my mother, when I look at this kimono.


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