Hitomi – Influences

A bigger influence on me than my own mother, who couldn’t afford to wear kimono on regular occasions, was my mother-in-law. My mother-in-law was a Koto teacher, (Japanese table harp). Because of her work she owned many kimono. She tried to train me in the art of koto, but I did not have an ear for it, so eventually she told me I did not have to study anymore. I have inherited many kimono from her. When she died the family did not know what to do with all the kimono, so they were given to me to deal with. I also have some from my little sister too.

As I wanted to teach dressing and flower arranging, and really wanted to enjoy kimono life, I frequented the library and borrowed books about kimono dressing and styling from well-known kimono advisors. I wanted to be able to do everything properly. These women have been an influence on my style.



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